To access Shimano Learning Services, you will need a Shimano-T.E.C. account. If you do not have an account, please download the form and return to

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Shimano-T.E.C. is Shimano’s online Education platform, there are a range of elearning courses to improve product and service knowledge across all Shimano Products and Services. To access Shimano-T.E.C you need to have a Madison Account.

The Training and Education journey will begin by completing some short Courses on Shimano-T.E.C. Periodically there will be Programs of Courses released. These groups of Courses will be related to a particular topic.

Completion of these Programs will qualify you for enrolment on either our live and interactive Webinar series or for hands on practical training at the Technical Service Centre please see the link below for more information

Shimano STEPS Certification

On completion of a Program of short Courses on Shimano-T.E.C, along with attending either the Live Webinar Series or hands on practical training, candidates will become eligible to attend an assessment day at Madison’s - Shimano Technical Service Centre in Milton Keynes.

During these assessment days, candidates will put into practice the knowledge gained from the Courses and live training. Assessments will be carried out in small groups, with a Shimano Technical Representative from Madison on hand to provide support and guidance. There will be hands on case studies, with Shimano Products to work through. Upon successful completion of the case studies, successful candidates will receive a certification.